We installing water products in your chosen or recommended place. We provide water products installation services around the world. Ask by email or tel. +370 698 23882

Exclusive styles design high-quality Acrylic Aquariums with requiring no regular maintenance for the most sophisticated buyers.

The highest quality services

For more than 24 years, we carry out Installation, maintenance works for Aquariums, Aquafalls, Water Walls, Rain Curtains, Water Panels, we know well and satisfy the most demanding customers’ needs and expectations.

We provide our customers with service and product maintenance services, which you can order by e-mail, by phone. Our professional technicians, masters quickly install and test the smooth operation of aquatic products; and will remove scratches and lime deposits, accumulated on the walls of the tanks, will replace aquarium water, filters, take care of aquarium plants, corals, animals, and fodder.

These services will help keep your product intact and beautiful.

We offer:

-Rapid response and execution of works;

– Qualified professionals ensure quality;

– For loyal customers, we apply discounts.

Our technicians, masters are:

– High qualifications;

– honest;

– careful;

– accurate;

– polite;

– Punctual, ensuring quality work on time.

Aquarium, water wall waterfall or water fountain pool is a living organism and it wants to be beautiful and tidy.

If you already have aquariums or aquatic product and need help in maintaining it?

Contact our professional specialists who will ensure long-term and high-quality service-maintenance, save your time and will leave for you a good mood and beautiful product.

If you do not want to order our services or aqua products, consult only, the service is paid, ask by email or tel. +370 698 23882

Try our service – maintenance and if you do not like it, we will immediately refund you the money

Žaliasis tropikalis service-maintenance is a priority No. 1, Your opinion, comments, and wishes are very important for us to better understand your needs and expectations.

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