Rain Curtains


Let it rain create a wonderful feeling

Imagine falling raindrops indoors – guided invisibly – creating an overall appearance of fresh, clean rain. This is exactly what our rain curtains provide. Attractive and intriguing, a rain curtain water wall could be just what your space requires. With Žaliasis tropikalis, you can have a custom-designed rain curtain water feature installed in your facility or home, adding the visual interest you want.

Rain Curtain Fountain Designs for Spaces of All Sizes

While rain curtains are often considered best for tall spaces, our nearly 24 years of building custom water features have taught us how to control the waterfall effect so they can fit in virtually any interior design. Whether you have a tall lobby space or a cozy waiting room, you can have the benefits and look of a rain curtain designed to fit your space precisely. At Žaliasis tropikalis, we’ve created every type of rain curtain you can imagine. We have installed rain curtains in everything from office and hotel or hospital lobbies to restaurants, casinos, high-end homes and more. Whether you are looking for a standalone option, such as a circular or curved rain curtain, or are looking to create a wall of falling water, our designers can create exactly what you need and want.

Our Process

When choosing Žaliasis tropikalis for your water curtain fountain design, you will receive custom service from start to finish. Your final water curtain fountain design will be as unique as your facility and business. We begin our process by fully understanding your needs and presenting you with options and ideas. We will then explore the type of nozzle and other features you need to complete your design.

Once you approve the final design, we will create it. Your final product will be fully customized and built in-house. Then, it will be precisely installed at your facility to ensure optimal function and aesthetics.

Choose Žaliasis tropikalis

Water features make space feel more comfortable and inviting. A rain curtain water wall takes that feeling even further because it adds a sense of mystery and wonder. If you are interested in installing an indoor water curtain in your facility or home, Žaliasis tropikalis is your No. 1 resource. After all, we invented water curtains; and have fully mastered the process of designing, creating and installing these features across the globe. To get started, contact us today to request a quote.

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