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We provide the opportunity to rent our water products. The rental price is 20% of the value of the water products For available products ask by email or tel. +370 698 23882

The most commonly rented water products are water walls, waterfalls, bubble walls, rain curtains, bubble columns, aquarium towers, aquarium tables, bubble tables, water walls, bubble palms and more.

These water beauties adorn exhibition stands, spas, trade show centers, hotel, restaurant, cafe, club, nightclub, casino, embassy, medical, corporation, corporate event space.

For example, a Water Wall can showcase your company brand, a product you can see from afar. The logo can be easily installed, decorate the furniture, stand composition as a finite stand out from other unique design, color, relaxation features.

Aquarium table - live art, perfect for a direct function, as a magnet attracts guests, clients, interlocutors and fascinates them with their energy, creates a feeling of peace and they stay longer.

Bubble Wall is a versatile water product that can be used virtually anywhere, can be used as a stand, as a partition, window, logo, product screen or as a relaxation wall. The next generation of LED color light and bubble intensity play, you can set any mood ...

The bubble palms are 250 cm high, very graceful and playful and can be seen from afar. These bubble trees like bubble columns can decorate both center and corner spaces.

These water beauties not only adorn their exquisite design as the main highlight of your space, but also give you a sense of luxury, peace, and traction.

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