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Aquarium columns, Aqua Towers

Akvariuminiai medziai

Aquarium columns, Aqua Towers whose vaults grow in the center of our room, like a living tree, a palm tree near which it is nice and good to sit, hang out, and rest. In the environment of such aquarium towers, it is easy to create, read, calm down, meditate, or delight relatives and guests. Live aquarium trees come in round, sleek, vaulted forms. They are easy and convenient to use as a functional partition between the kitchen, dining room, and living room spaces, resulting in such a seamless living water tree with fish, plants, corals, and aquatic animals that will bring us joy and peace. You can find the entire article here: Follow, share. Prepared by: Vidas Gudavičius 20230502


Smart acrylic aquariums, sizes, shape and design


A variety of exclusive designs, shapes, styles and impressive sizes - all aquariums are made of acrylic that satisfies the needs and needs of the most demanding buyers, choosing product design, image, aesthetic and functionality values.

Which aquarium to choose: glass or smart acrylic?


Acrylic aquariums are a real contrast to glass aquariums. They have a quality passport and have a time-tested 100 percent. Acrylic is more than 10 times stronger, more transparent and more thermo-resistant than glass - vital for flora and fauna

Water bubble walls are original, playful and practical


Water walls, bubble walls, columns, and other water sculptures can be not only interior decoration but also a number of useful functions.

The water element is pushing home

Waterfalls, aquariums, fountains, ornamental streams ... A man is getting more and more of his home door to the water. His mysterious frenzy, gracefully rising air bubbles, the light in the depths of the water, the clear purl, soothes, relaxes, makes you feel good - just like resting on the sea, listening to the monotonous wave of waves

Get fresh waterfalls


Company Žaliasis tropikalis offers waterfalls of straight, wave or other forms of water walls, created from the highest quality acrylic, more than 10 times stronger, more optically transparent and resistant to temperature than glass. The walls of handmade acrylic waterfalls restore the effect of water purging, hissing or falling. Feeling like them, the pulsating tropical water would strike the polished stones.